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Why Endodontists are the Specialists to Turn to When Your Tooth Is Knocked Out

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
Why Endodontists are the Specialists to Turn to When Your Tooth Is Knocked OutIf you are involved in contact sports, you have to be careful. We normally ask our patients to wear a mouth guard during athletic play. This can save you from getting your tooth knocked out or damaged during training or an actual game. Whether a tooth gets knocked out during a sporting activity or during an accident, it is important to contact our office for endodontic treatment.

Why You Should Get Treated by an Endodontist When a Tooth Is Knocked Loose

According to the American Association of Endodontists, patients who have teeth knocked loose during an accident or game play can save their tooth if they visit an endodontist like the ones here at our office. Therefore, because of our endodontic know-how, we have the methods and technologies in place that can help save an injured tooth. We can also accommodate emergency cases and can treat patients on weekends, if required.

How Is a Traumatic Dental Injury Treated?

Because the Greek translation for “endo” means inside a tooth, we often treat endodontic injuries by performing root canal surgery. Underneath the enamel and a second layer of dentin is a soft tissue known as the tooth's pulp. The pulp holds nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. While these the pulp's contents are needed during a tooth's development, they really are not required after an adult tooth is in place. Therefore, we can save a severely damaged tooth or re-anchor a tooth that has been dislodged with root canal surgery and/or splinting the tooth. The pulp is removed, and the canal(s) are clean and disinfected before the tooth is sealed. If a tooth has been avulsed (knocked out), we will place a splint at the site to stabilize the tooth before scheduling surgery, if that is necessary for your situation.

We know everything there is to know about luxated (dislodged) and avulsed (knocked out) teeth, as well as root fractures. Therefore, you can count on us to serve all your endodontic needs, including emergency surgeries after an accident. Give us a call if you need a root canal or a similar dental therapy.

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