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Symptoms That Point To Your Damaged Tooth Needing a Root Canal

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
Symptoms That Point To Your Damaged Tooth Needing a Root CanalRoot canals send waves of fear through patients. And though they are slightly more involved than a normal filling, they have come a long way from the stone age. They are virtually pain free and require far less recovery time than they used to with far better results. They involve scaling the tooth by removing all of the tartar and bacteria that caused the infection in the first place. Once all of that material is taken out, then resin is forced into the vacated space to fill the void.

Symptoms Hinting at a Possible Root Canal

If a patient complains about constant pain in a localized area and it gets aggravated when they are chewing it might be indicative of a tooth requiring a root canal. Being overly sensitive to both hot and cold food and drinks can also be a sign when it lingers as well as noticing a distinct discoloration of the tooth. When there is an ugly discharge along the gumline from the tooth this can be a sign that there is an infection on the interior of the tooth which needs to be addressed.

A root canal is recommended when a particular tooth has eroded to the point that the dentin is exposed. This is the softer tissue beneath the hard layer of enamel. It is much thinner and porous when compared to enamel. Because of this, when it is exposed there is a danger of infection. Another scenario where a root canal would be recommended is when the pulp at the center of the tooth is inflamed or infected and there is no way to rid the tooth of the infection without intervention. Patients who are in need of a root canal or think they have an infected tooth need to contact and talk over their options.

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