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Do Your Teeth Even Need Roots?

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
Do Your Teeth Even Need Roots?The root canal of your teeth comprises the nerves and blood vessels. These parts aid in sensitivity and replenishing the tooth. Thus, chronic decay or tooth infections, which might prompt their removal through a root canal, will not affect the normal tooth functioning. Instead, it will save your natural tooth and relieve you of the pain. You need a root canal in the event of tooth decay, damage, or disease.

Teeth Decay and Damage

Tooth decay causes cavities. If untreated, the cavity continues to expand and dig into your pulp chamber. It then attracts bacteria, which multiply and cause infection and pain. The decay may also cause your tooth to darken or discolor. To save your tooth and reduce the pain, you will need a root canal. Tooth cracks, chips, and trauma that injure the nerves or exposes the pulp chambers may also require a root canal. When your pulp chamber is exposed, you will likely experience prolonged pain and sensitivity after exposure to cold or hot temperatures.

Gum Swelling and Disease

Severe tooth decay, large fillings, dental procedures, trauma, chips, and cracks predispose your tooth and gum to infection. If tooth decay causes disease, then root canal treatment is necessary. You might also experience swelling and tenderness of your gums. This swelling will indicate the need for a root canal if it is at the front of your root tip, lasts for weeks or months, very pronounced, and causes bad breath. In extreme cases, pus may come out of the swollen part. If you have any of the above symptoms, you need a professional checkup to know whether you need a root canal. Through an X-ray and closer evaluation of your symptoms, our professionals will prescribe a root canal. Contact us for more information in regards to root canal.

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