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What We Do To Make Sure the Canals of Your Teeth Get Totally Clean During a Root Canal?

Posted on 1/25/2021 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
What We Do To Make Sure the Canals of Your Teeth Get Totally Clean During a Root Canal?Tooth decay, if untreated, advances into the pulp and attracts bacteria, which cause infection. This infection causes the death of the pulp and eventual teeth loss. However, it is possible to save your teeth through a root canal. The root canal removes the infected pulp and cleans the chamber. Improper cleaning can cause reinfection. To avoid this, cleaning the chamber thoroughly with appropriate chemicals is vital. Our professionals will remove the pulp and clean the root canal during the procedure to ensure the canals are clean.

Pulp Removal

The root canal is performed under anesthesia to ease pain and discomfort. To remove your pulp, our team will start by placing a rubber dam on the affected tooth to ensure it remains dry throughout the process and prevent you from swallowing the chemicals they will use to clean your tooth. They will then open the crown of your tooth to access the pulp. If you have a dental abcess, they will drain it and remove the infected pulp.

Cleaning the Canal

After removing your pulp, our team will clean it using irrigating solutions such as sodium hypochlorite to completely flush out the root canal. These irrigating solutions are also effective against bacteria. Antibiotics are also used in this stage to kill bacteria and prevent reinfection. Our team will rest special blunt-tipped needles in your canal and gently express the chemicals to clean the canal. They will then use a dental suction device to suck out the solution and debris from the chamber. After this, they will use disinfectants, some medication, and special instruments to shape the canals into smooth tunnels to discourage bacterial accumulation. To ensure the chamber is bacteria-free, they will repeat this step several times. They will then fill the canals to prevent bacterial reinfection in the empty canals. Contact us for more details on cleaning your root canal.

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