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Times Where Pulp Capping Could Save Your Teeth

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
Times Where Pulp Capping Could Save Your TeethTooth decay is a leading cause of tooth loss. If untreated, the decay spreads on the tooth and into your pulp, causing an infection that may result in the pulp's death. At this stage, a root canal or extraction may be ideal. However, just before the extreme decay stages, where the pulp does not have signs of disease, you can save your natural tooth through pulp capping. Pulp capping saves your tooth by treating and removing dental disease and tooth decay, respectively.

Dental Disease

If you have an infection on your teeth' pulp, direct pulp capping can help save your natural tooth. During the direct pulp capping procedure, our professionals will start by isolating the tooth using a rubber dam to remove the decayed part. This isolation also helps prevent the transmission of this infection to the other teeth. They will then apply a compatible filling over the pulp to prevent further decay and enhance healing. To restore the tooth, they will use a life-like filling. With the filling, you will be able to use your teeth for its normal functions.


Indirect pulp capping is ideal where your tooth is decayed, but the pulp is not exposed yet. This process is split into two with a six to eight months' interval in between. Our team will start by removing a part of your decayed tooth structure and leave a smaller portion of your dentin covering the pulp. They will treat the remaining dentin with antibiotics, cover it with a biocompatible material, and temporarily fill it. After some months, they will remove the temporary filling and inspect the treated dentin for regeneration. If the dentin is healthy, they will remove any decay and restore the tooth permanently. Contact our offices today for more details on how you can save your natural teeth with pulp capping.

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