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Reasons You Should Floss Every Day

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
Reasons You Should Floss Every DayFlossing doesn't get as much coverage as brushing your teeth when it comes to dental care. Most people detest flossing, but it's an activity that could save your teeth from damage. In most cases, flossing is considered to be better for your dental health than brushing regularly. If you're looking for reasons you should floss every day, here are the best ones:

Prevents Dental Decay and Gum Disease

Flossing is considered to be the best way to protect your teeth and gums. When you floss regularly, you are clearing your mouth from plaque and bacteria built up in your mouth. Regular flossing ensures you don't develop gum disease or cavities, which could seriously damage your teeth. That's why you must floss regularly and correctly to prevent dental decay and gum disease.

Prevents Buildup of Tartar

Besides plaque buildup, you also need to avoid tartar buildup on your teeth. Tartar is plaque that has hardened and built up over time and can lead to gum inflammation and help in cavity buildup and tooth decay. You will need to visit a dentist to remove tartar, but you can ensure it never becomes a problem by flossing regularly every day.

Say Goodbye to Halitosis

Bad breath or halitosis is caused by bacteria, plaque, and food that has been lodged between your teeth. When the food particles are lodged in your teeth, the food starts to decay, resulting in bad breath. You can prevent this problem from ever occurring by flossing regularly every day, which will ensure that no food particles are lodged in your teeth.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of flossing and why you should make flossing a regular habit, get in touch with Oak Endodontics & Implant Dentistry to schedule an appointment by calling at (703) 272-4389 today.

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