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Ways Getting a Root Canal Improves the Health of Your Tooth

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
Ways Getting a Root Canal Improves the Health of Your ToothA root canal is a procedure used to remove infected pulp, or nerve tissue, from the inside of your tooth. Whether you have deep decay, gum disease, an abcessed tooth, or even an infection caused by a cracked tooth or other dental injury, a root canal can improve the health of your teeth in multiple ways.

Prevent Reinfection

A major step of root canal treatment is filling and sealing the affected tooth after it is disinfected. We use an exceptionally durable rubber compound called gutta-percha to fill the entire canal, then seal the exterior hole in the tooth with a filling. Next, we typically place a dental crown in order to strengthen and protect the weakened tooth. Filling and sealing your tooth after a root canal is crucial for preventing reinfection.

Avoid Tooth Extraction

While many people believe that having an infected tooth pulled is less painful than undergoing a root canal, this is not true. Not only are root canals often painless thanks to the use of anesthesia, but they have numerous other benefits over tooth extraction. Saving your natural teeth is typically the best option whenever possible. Missing even a single tooth can cause bite issues, problems chewing and speaking, and uneven jawbone deterioration. Plus, a gap in your smile is highly susceptible to plaque buildup and infection if you do not replace your missing tooth. A tooth extraction followed by whichever restorative option you choose to replace the pulled tooth is likely to be a far more expensive and time-consuming process than simply getting a root canal.

A Crown Restores a Weakened Tooth

Since you will most likely have a crown placed after undergoing a root canal procedure, you get to obtain all the benefits of dental crowns. The crown reinforces the weakened tooth underneath, protecting it from reinfection and further damage. Having a crown placed after a root canal also eliminates any discomfort you may have previously experienced while brushing or chewing with your affected tooth. Plus, crowns are highly durable, natural-looking, and you can care for them the same as your natural teeth. To learn more about the many benefits of getting a root canal, call our office today.

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