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How a Root Canal Is Gentler to Your Mouth than an Extraction

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
How a Root Canal Is Gentler to Your Mouth than an ExtractionTooth extractions and root canals are procedures used to remedy infected or damaged teeth. However, a root canal procedure is preferred to tooth extraction because it is gentler to your mouth. Depending on your tooth condition, a root canal procedure can help save it instead of having it extracted.

Effectiveness of Root Canal Procedures

Root canal procedures can be used to save teeth that are infected, damaged, or have a dead pulp. The pulp is the inner part of your tooth that plays a crucial role in the functioning of the tooth. This sensitive part of the tooth can sustain damage if you develop a deep cavity or if you crack your tooth. With a cracked and damaged tooth, bacteria from your mouth will easily reach the pulp and cause infections. As a result, it will swell and kill off the pulp's essential tissue. Root canal procedures can help fix this problem.

The procedure is fairly simple. After numbing the affected area, our professionals will make an opening in the damaged tooth and get rid of the infected or dead pulp. Upon the removal of the pulp, we will clean the pulp chambers to ensure no bacteria is present. After that, the chambers will be filled with dental material that replaces the dead or damaged pulp. If necessary, a dental crown might be installed to strengthen and restore the tooth structure. However, taking proper care of your tooth is paramount after undergoing a root canal procedure. Depending on the condition, regular visits to our offices will also help.

Tooth extraction is only recommended after every other option has been considered. In most cases, root canal procedures prevent the need for dental extractions. This makes it a gentler option for your mouth. Visit our offices for more information on why root canal procedures are better than extractions.

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