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Common Endodontic Procedures

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
Common Endodontic ProceduresWhen most people think of endodontics, they think of root canals. Root canals are a common procedure in dentistry, but since endodontics aims to treat dental pulp and nerves, it involves a variety of procedures. We have listed some common endodontic procedures below.


This procedure involves opening gum tissue near the tooth to remove infected or inflamed tissue. It also involves filling in the root to seal it. Additionally, the endodontist adds stitches so that recovery time is minimized.

Tooth Fractures

While small fractures and cracks can be fixed with the helping of filling and bonding, larger and deeper fractures require a different approach. Some types of cracked teeth require dental crowns. However, others involve tooth extractions and dental implants.

Periradicular Surgery

While this type of surgery includes apicoectomies, it also includes procedures such as root resection, removing tooth fragments, and repairing root perforation.

Pulp capping

This technique is used to prevent necrosis in dental pulp. When the pulp is exposed to cavities, and thus, to bacteria and damage, it becomes infected. This can lead to the pulp tissue dying, i.e., pulp necrosis. However, in cases that the pulp is already infected, a root canal becomes necessary.

Root Canal

Root canals involve accessing the pulp in order to access inflamed or infected blood vessels and nerve tissue. This is done to save the tooth and possibly avoid implants and bridges. Once the infected tissue is removed, the area is disinfected and cleaned, filled, and then capped with a crown.

If you require any of these procedures, feel free to reach out to Ahmed Matri, DDS and at Oak Endodontics & Implant Dentistry. They have plenty of experience in endodontics and can answer questions, prepare you, and guide you every step of the way.
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