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There Are Options to Reduce Dental Sensitivity

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
There Are Options to Reduce Dental SensitivityThe enamel protects the internal tooth structure. When this part wears out, it exposes your tooth's nerve endings, causing dental sensitivity to heat, cold, or some foods. This sensitivity causes discomfort that affects an individual's day-to-day life. While it may be difficult to treat tooth sensitivity completely, you can take specific measures to relieve its symptoms. These include at-home treatments and professional interventions. Read on to find out more.

At-Home Treatments

At-home treatments comprise toothpaste, mouthguards, and daily lifestyle habits that will help ease your tooth's sensitivity. Toothpaste for sensitive teeth mostly comprises potassium nitrate as the active ingredient. This ingredient helps block the tubules on your dentin, preventing the transmission of sensation from the teeth to the nerves. To achieve results, you will need to brush at least twice daily and consistently; after which you should realize less sensitivity within a few weeks. If you brush your teeth vigorously, you will need to change your technique and use a soft toothbrush to reduce your enamel's damage. You can also consider using a fluoride mouthwash to rinse your mouth. The fluoride in the mouthguard will help strengthen your enamel to withstand damage. You will also need to avoid acidic foods as they wear out your enamel.

Professional Interventions

Sensitive teeth may indicate gum disease or other tooth problems such as cavities and decay. Thus, if you have tried the home remedies without results, you should contact us for a checkup. By treating the underlying problem, the sensitivity might reduce or stop altogether. If you suffer from bruxism, getting custom mouthguards will prevent the grinding and reduce sensitivity. Our professionals might also recommend treatments like crowns, bonding, and inlays. You can also get a paint job where our experts apply desensitizing agents like plastic resins and fluoride varnish over the sensitive tooth areas. Contact us today for more options on how to reduce tooth sensitivity.

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