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How to Know When You Need a Root Canal

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
How to Know When You Need a Root CanalA root canal treatment is usually required when moderate tooth pain, decay, or infection starts to progress from the enamel to the dental pulp. When this happens, endodontists recommend an emergency root canal therapy before the damage could accumulate any further. 

Moreover, once the bacterial infection begins to take root, and yet you still leave the issue unattended, it eventually causes the pulp to die while infecting the root canal. Here are a few symptoms that confirm the existence of pulp infection, requiring immediate attention from an endodontic specialist:

•  Instant increase in pain when chewing food
•  Severe pain while drinking hot or cold beverages
•  Swollen gums
•  Chipped or cracked tooth
•  Tooth decay and cavity
•  Pimples on the gums

It's important to understand that these mentioned symptoms disappear once the pulp dies, appearing as if the issue is resolved. However, they always return in full force once the bacteria have infected the overall root canal system.

You'll likely experience the following symptoms once the root canal is infected, needing an emergency endodontist appointment:

•  Infected tooth turns  several shade darker
•  Facial swelling
•  Oozing of pus from the affected tooth
•  Heavily swollen gums
•  Extreme pain when biting or chewing food

Leaving the infected tooth untreated worsens the condition as it spreads throughout the body. It's crucial to realize the importance of visiting an endodontic in such cases because these infections can effectively put you under permanent, life-threatening diseases.

It is crucial to see your endodontist when you develop toothache along with a combination of symptoms mentioned above. At Oak Endodontics & Implant Dentistry, Ahmed Matri, DDS and utilize their skilled expertise to diagnose the crux of the problem and recommend the treatments accordingly. To schedule an appointment, you call us today at (703) 272-4389.

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