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Could Pulp Capping Help You Save a Damaged Tooth?

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
Could Pulp Capping Help You Save a Damaged Tooth?We are excited about many of the innovations in endodontic care that have come along in recent years. One of the treatments we use to save a decayed tooth is a therapy known as pulp capping.

What Is Pulp Capping?

To preserve your smile, you need to take measures immediately to treat decay. Pulp capping allows us to save the pulp of the tooth from necrosis to avoid root canal surgery. If tooth decay has not yet impacted a tooth's pulp, we may prescribe pulp capping. In some situations, the pulp of the tooth, which includes the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue, is affected by dental decay or trauma. However, if the pulp is not infected, we can use a pulp cap to restore the tooth before filling it.

Types of Pulp Capping Treatments

Pulp capping can be either direct or indirect, depending on the reason for capping the pulp. A direct pulp cap is recommended when the pulp is completely exposed. This treatment involves removing the dental decay and adding a sedative material to protect the pulp from bacteria. This is done so the dentin of the affected tooth can heal and remineralize. Direct pulp caps are performed only when a tooth's pulp becomes exposed. On the other hand, an indirect pulp cap is undertaken when the pulp tissue is not entirely exposed but only close to the surface. This procedure usually involves two treatments about eight months apart. The process entails removing the dental decay, adding material to promote remineralization of the tooth's second layer of dentin, and filling the tooth with a temporary filling until the next appointment. During the second visit, the dentin usually has remineralized, and we will remove any residual decay before adding a permanent filling.

When an Indirect Pulp Cap Is Advised

We usually recommend an indirect pulp cap treatment if removing the decay will expose the tooth's pulp. When this procedure is recommended, the patient usually is not experiencing dental pain.

Would you like to know more about tooth capping procedures? If so, we can answer your questions. Give us a call today to schedule an exam and consultation.

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