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Does Your Tooth Need a Root?

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Dr. Ahmed Matri
Does Your Tooth Need a Root?Most people tend to take care of only the visible parts of their teeth by regularly brushing and flossing them. However, a few consider the roots of their teeth when conducting their normal dental routines. Some people don't even know that roots exist. This is because they remain hidden deep within the gums.

The Importance of Tooth Roots

Tooth roots are not only important for holding your tooth in its place in the jaw. They also help to keep the jaw healthy and functional. Your tooth contains soft pulp inside that carries blood vessels and nerves. Therefore, the pulp is the only living part of your dental structures. A complex web of vessels travels in the jawbone and connects with the teeth at their roots, where they find their way inside them. When you bite down, the action stimulates nutrients and vitamins through the tooth roots and the jawbone.

Losing a tooth means losing its roots as well. The missing roots leave a gap in the jawbone that could prove a health risk for your other teeth as well as to the jawbone itself. Without nutrients flowing through the jaw, it starts to break down and become weak gradually. Therefore, the roots are essential in providing the much-needed nutrition to the jawbone, without which it cannot continue to sustain itself.

These are among many reasons why dental professionals prefer to save a tooth compared to pulling it out when dealing with dental problems. To avoid having to lose your teeth, you must incorporate good dental practices into your health routines.

Take Care of Your Teeth the Right Way

Many people with problematic teeth would rather have them pulled out as a quick and effective solution to toothaches. However, at our offices, we will examine the tooth and consider various alternatives before settling on an extraction. Therefore, if you have an issue with your tooth roots, book an appointment at our clinics to help you save yourself from tooth loss and its complications. Contact us for more information on your teeth roots.

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